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Microsoft & Common: A Partnership Made in Brand/Music Heaven
December 4, 2008, 5:07 pm
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With the release of his latest album this month, it seems appropriate
to give props to the partnership that’s been forged between Chicago-
based rapper, Common, and multi-billion dollar corporation,
Microsoft. The following article details this alliance, and also
touches on how attitudes have changed towards brand/music partnerships
– specifically in regards to urban music.


It’s interesting that Common points to the Sprite commercials of the
mid-90s as the turning point for negative perceptions changing within
the hip-hop community towards music acts partnering with
corporations. Many of these spots featured a soft product sell and
looked more like a music video than a commercial, laying the
groundwork for these video/commercial hybrids that are popular today.
They were truly ahead of their time.

Now back to the Microsoft/Common partnership. Let’s see here…

A natural fit between the artist and brand? Check.

A fully integrated campaign that leverages all available platforms?

A partnership that’s beneficial to both the brand and the artist?

This is what happens when music and brands combine forces with a
focused, well-thought, strategic plan. This is how brands and music
can work together. This is how it should be done


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