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Pharrell Gets Bionic
December 9, 2008, 11:05 pm
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Producer and musician, Pharrell Williams, has just become an owner,
investor, and spokesman for Bionic Yarns, a textile firm that makes
fabrics with recycled plastic bottles.

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It doesn’t say how much cash Pharrell had to put up, so it’s hard to
gauge the risk/reward of the investment for the Grammy-winner.  But
suffice to say that a potential big payout is the key motivator here
for Pharrell (who’s already involved in several other business
ventures) as it’s not the sexiest of industries for a major hip-hop
star to partner with.  And if this company ends up getting anywhere
near where Pharrell envisions it going as the “go-to fabric supplier,”
then the potential reward would seem to definitely be a risk worth

And it’s possible that he didn’t have to put up any money at all, but
merely lent his name to the two-year old company in exchange for a
piece of the pie.  Which would make even more sense for him, and which
would also actually be a wise move for Bionic Yarn as well.  They’re
already getting more publicity than they ever did before Pharrell’s
attachment.  And even if they now have to cut him into any profits,
those earnings are likely to be significantly more than they would’ve
been without Pharrell’s endorsement, so they’d still be coming out
ahead at the end of the day anyway.

This is all in theory of course.  Obviously, we’ll have to wait and
see how this plays out.  It will be interesting to see how the star
wattage of a hip-hop name like Pharrell impacts an upstart, nearly
invisible company such as Bionic Yarns.  If it all works out, expect
to see other similar companies following suit and finding their own
music stars as “investors.”  And if it doesn’t work out, then maybe it
just goes to show that cutting edge hip-hop artists and yarn
manufacturers don’t make the best of partners.


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