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Esurance Feelin “Lucky Today”
December 15, 2008, 10:29 pm
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The latest spot in Esurance’s quirky, animated “Erin Esurance”  campaign continues their partnership with independent music acts.  A  previous installment featured Japanese singer/songwriter PWRFL Power,  and this time they’re showcasing experimental indy rock band, Cloud  Cult.

(Click picture below to view video)

You’ll note that there’s no sell at all in this spot by Esurance, and  that it essentially looks like just a music video for Cloud Cult’s  “Lucky Today” song.  Well, Esurance actually also released a full-length animated video for Cloud Cult which expands upon the thirty-second ad and features animation of all seven band members.  Esurance  also sponsored Cloud Cult’s tour earlier this year, and created a  microsite for the band that features free downloadable MP3s of Cloud  Cult songs, along with environmental info and tips.

Esurance and Cloud Cult first met at the 2007 Monolith Festival, an  annual music event founded with the goal of aiding environmental awareness.  The band and insurance company quickly discovered they  have similar eco friendly feelings, and a bond was formed.

This alliance not only exemplifies a sensible, natural fit between  brand and band, but also the legs that such a partnership can have  beyond merely using a song in a commercial.  Esurance has always had  to find creative ways to break-through the cluttered insurance landscape and compete against companies with much bigger pockets than they have.  Through their unique animated TV campaign, they’ve begun to forge an identity, and music partnerships such as this one augment their image and fuel their break-through efforts.  Esurance is now one of the fastest growing insurance companies, and we will no doubt continue to see them leverage music in future marketing endeavors.

And hopefully continue to see Erin Esurance as well.