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Sears Makes Your Music Dreams Come True
December 18, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Sears latest holiday campaign once again proves they’re one of the most cutting edge, innovative brands out there today.

L.L. Cool J?  Vanessa Hudgens?  And a song by Five For Fighting?  Sign me up!  With avant-garde talent like this endorsing the brand, no wonder Sears’ business is thriving!  (ed. note: Sears posted a net loss of $146 million last quarter, seen their stock fall over 50% since last year, and continue to close stores).

Putting the facetiousness aside, L.L. Cool J was a good choice…in 1990.  But Vanessa Hudgens is nothing but disposable Disney-manufactured pop candy and Five for Fighting a watered down Train (and I won’t even mention Ty Pennington here).  This is who Sears wants to build their marketing efforts around during this critical holiday season?  Brilliant!

And yeah, I realize Sears’ target is mostly easy-listening, van-driving, Dancing With the Stars-watching moms.  But maybe that’s the problem.  There’s an abundance of music talent  – talent – who are relevant today and could help shift the stodgy image of Sears, bring in a new clientele, and invigorate the brand (or at least its advertising).

Mamma said shop at Sears

And getting back to LL Cool J – I don’t want to knock the guy too much.  James does bring some credibility and cachet to Sears (and what’s it says about Sears when a 40 year old rapper who peaked twenty years ago is a step-up?).  But at the very least, if you’re going to use L.L. Cool J in your spot, can you at least use one of his songs instead of Five for Fighting?  If not for synergistic marketing purposes, then simply for the sake of our ears?

And yes, I get that Five for Fighting’s song lends itself to the “Grant a Wish” campaign idea…but again, maybe that idea is the problem.  Your business is tanking – why not change it up, alter your image, try to engage a new audience?  What do you have to lose?  You used a song by The 88 earlier this year, so I know you can do it (even if that exact song was first used by Target).

Otherwise, if it’s true that “history starts now” as Five for Fighting enlightens us in these spots, Sears just might not be around to be part of it.


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