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Ad Songs of the Year
December 19, 2008, 8:36 pm
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Adverting Age has released their top ten “Ad Songs of the Year.”

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Not a bad list really.  You can definitely tell Ad Age is trying to dial-up their cool quotient by including more obscure artists and songs.  But although there are a couple more that probably deserve to be included, it’s hard to argue with the ten they have here.

And it’s interesting that eight of the ten songs are by “unknown” artists.  By “unknown,” I’m referring to how the brands were not trading in on the equity of a famous band or song, such as Sting or “Sweet Home Alabama.”  This points to the rising trend of companies using non-mainstream bands who the general public isn’t familiar with, either to gain some street cred or simply because the band or song fits the brand and ad.  What a novel concept.

Saul Williams: Ad Age’s #1″Ad Song” of 2008


Also included here are Ad Age’s list of “Most Questionable Ad Songs” (i.e. “Ad Songs That Suck”).  A lot of these do have famous artists or songs, which were used likely just because the brands could, and not because they fit their brand image or marketing strategy or execution.  Which is probably why they failed.  And really, when you’re using songs by Three Doors Down, Five for Fighting, or a Lenny Kravitz cover in your ads – what do you expect?