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New Song Inspired by…a T-Shirt
January 8, 2009, 4:23 pm
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Heartbreak, drug abuse, big butts. There are a variety of places where artists find inspiration for their music. But a winning t-shirt in a design contest? Never heard of that one. But that’s apparently what inspired Tex Mex band, Calexico’s, latest song, “Absent Afternoon.”

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Okay, so this was all part of a partnership between Calexico, and shirt company, Threadless, where the band agreed to create an original song based on the winning t-shirt in a Threadless contest. So, I guess Calexico was going to be “inspired” by whatever t-shirt was declared the winner. Which, at best, seems like a little forced creativity. And at worst, like a bit of a sham.

But having a band create a song based on a winning entry in a company-sponsored contest certainly takes branding partnerships to a new level. And a Calexico song inspired by a t-shirt is still better than a Bon Jovi song inspired by anything.


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Very cool design!

Comment by Tshirt Fan

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