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Ad Age’s ’08 “Best of” Leftovers
January 14, 2009, 5:06 pm
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Advertising Age has released their “runner-ups” that didn’t make the  cut for “Ad Songs of the Year” (as previously discussed here.)


Again the general criteria here is “taste and creativity,” although  the author’s don’t deny that their own musical tastes and preferences  come into play.  Naturally.   Just as you can argue ad nauseam over  what makes one song or band better than another (with certain  exceptions of course – for example, there is no argument that Rage  Against the Machine is better than Linkin Park), the same can be said  of such a list as this.  But it makes for interesting discussions  nonetheless.

Of note here is that both Apple and Sears have used the same song for  ads, as detailed by the inclusion of Brendan Benson’s, “What I’m  Looking For”/iPod spot on this list.  That companies as disparate as  Apple and Sears, with advertising at opposite ends of the spectrum (as  noted here) , can use the same exact song for marketing purposes either points to  music’s inherent flexibility and capacity to derive a variety of  emotions and interpretations – or is just another example of laziness  on the part of marketers that they land on the same song out of the  hundreds of thousands out there.


Also of note is that Radiohead finds themselves on this list.  Yes,  that Radiohead.  The fiercely progressive band who go out of their way  to shun the mainstream and even went around the record business with  their last album by selling it exclusively online and allowing  consumers to decide how much to pay for it.  That such a strong-willed  and ambitious band is willing to lend their music for advertising  purposes, points to the power and value of such corporate partnerships  for musicians.   Or I suppose it could also point to all the money the  band lost by allowing consumers to name their price on their last album.


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