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Rockville” Welcomes Indie Bands
January 16, 2009, 10:17 pm
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Here’s an actual cool idea from the land of Hollywood, where there’s a dearth of cool ideas these days.

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Okay, so the title “Rockville” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.  And I normally wouldn’t want to trust a show about a rock club in the hands of the guy behind “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl,” or the network that brought us “Blue Collar TV” and “The Jaime Kennedy Experiment.”  But the overall concept that leverages the strengths of the internet, TV, and indy music is what makes this a cool undertaking.
And as far as the actual show, Schwartz seems to have a solid grasp of his vision, as he confirms the fictional nightclub and storylines are based on his own experiences.  He tells Variety, “I spent a lot of my early-to-mid-20s, before ‘The OC,’ at these kinds of clubs.  It’s a time when you’re poor and you don’t care.  Music matters to you. … I really wanted to capture that (time).”

Sounds like it has potential.  Schwartz also affirms that he was “given an incredible amount of freedom” from the producers.  Yeah, I guess so.  Storyline aside, producing a web-exclusive TV series may not exactly be groundbreaking anymore, but it’s still a significant venture…and one that isn’t exactly a cash-cow.  Yet anyway.
The Kooks will be visiting Rockville
As far as the bands go, Schwartz confirms he was looking for a mix of national and indy bands to mirror the types of clubs he used to frequent, which is why you have bigger acts such as Eagles of Death Metal and Travis in the show, along with indies like The Kooks and White Lies.  And he says these bands only get a small licensing fee for their work.  Which still makes this a pretty good deal for some of these bands.  Merely the opportunity to be in the show and have full songs featured online via is not bad just on its own.
So, this is a rare idea that seemingly benefits all parties involved: the bands, the internet, even the TV industry – and mostly importantly, the audience.  Since it makes so much sense, it likely won’t last for long.  So, better check it out while you can.  Even if the show turns out not to live up to its potential, you’ve still got the exclusive music videos there.  And it’s all gotta be better than watching “The Surreal Life” or “The Wayan Bros.” or whatever else WB is throwing out there, right?

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