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Pepsi Gives Music History Lesson
January 26, 2009, 4:33 pm
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If you haven’t seen Pepsi’s new anthem spot, it’s worth checking out.

While usually I’d decry the uninspired selection of a song as cliche and outdated as “My Generation” for use in a commercial, the new twist Pepsi puts on the 60s anthem is creative.

Starting with Pepsi’s incarnation in the early 20th century, the spot takes us on a history lesson while it weaves some early western stylings, swing, 50s doo-whop, 60s psychedelia, 70s disco, 80s hip hop, and 90s grunge into the song’s grooves in a way that makes the song sound fresh, while still maintaining the original’s integrity. And in the process, the spot not only draws attention to Pepsi’s heritage, but also tells a little story about the history of music as well.


However, conspicuously absent from this spot is any music from the current decade (what do you call this decade anyway?  The 0’s? The single digits?  The first ten years of the 21st century?).  Based on the end tagline, “Every generation refreshes the world.  Now it’s your turn.”  I guess they’re leaving it up to the audience to decide what today’s representation of music should be.  Kind of the lazy way out, but I guess that’s better than them deciding it’s Britney Spears or Nickelback.

So, what do you think it should be?  What should be the music styling that represents this decade when Pepsi updates this anthem in twenty or thirty years?  (Hopefully via something other than a Who song from the 60s).  And if you say Britney or Nickelback….well, you’re wrong.


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