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Pumpkins, Korean Cars, and Football
January 30, 2009, 4:19 pm
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You’ll get all that this Sunday as Smashing Pumpkins will debut a new song…via a Hyundai commercial…that will air during the Super Bowl.

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Yeah, getting your song in a spot during a show that will be seen by hundreds of millions is one way to make sure people will hear it.  Which I’m guessing was the main reason control-freak Billy Corgan allowed this, as his last effort – the “Smashing Pumpkins reunion album,” Zeitgeist – was heard by less people than who will actually be in the stadium on Sunday.
And it appears the Pumpkins (who’s original members consist of just Billy and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin now) forced cellist Yo-Yo Ma out of this spot.  Can’t blame Hyundai for that – a little rock music will likely get your spot more notice than classical music…especially from the beer-drinking, nacho-eating Super Bowl audience.  But it’s hard not to feel for Yo-Yo missing out on a chance to be heard by hundreds of millions.  I mean his name’s already Yo-Yo Ma…and now he gets bumped from having the largest audience he’ll ever get.
Poor Yo-Yo
Anyway, hopefully this partnership with Hyundai and exposure from the Super Bowl will work out for Billy and his new song, FOL.  It would be nice to see a bald 6’5 egomaniac millionaire rock star like himself finally catch a break.

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