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National Geographic Records
February 3, 2009, 11:05 pm
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In another sign of how the corporate and music worlds are inching closer together, National Geographic has launched their own full service music label.


And no, this label won’t focus on the sounds of the rain forest or of monkeys mating.  They say they’re looking for “modern-sounding bands from various countries that have the potential to attract listeners from other regions.”  You mean kind of like how that little band out of England called The Beatles did?   How innovative!

This label is an expansion of National Geographic’s music division – cleverly named “Nat Geo Music” – that was established in 2007 and includes a TV channel (“Nat Geo Music TV,” of course).  And while it seems that launching a record label of all things in today’s economic climate may not be the wisest of business moves, the label’s president affirms that with the magazine, regular TV channel, music TV channel, and website, National Geographic has resources that other standard labels don’t, and which set it up for success.

So yeah, this does seem to makes sense for N.G., and is likely a precursor of things to come.  With record labels struggling to stay profitable in the digital music age, it may be media outlets with inherent platforms available to market music, who pick up the slack and become the record labels of tomorrow.  I bet David Geffen wishes he founded a geography/nature/science journal now.  That slacker.


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