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Dylan Sings for Pepsi
February 4, 2009, 10:10 pm
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One of the most talked about commercials from the Super Bowl has been the Pepsi spot that featured Bob Dylan and

Although Pepsi claimed this spot was going to feature a new song written by Dylan and, it was of course just a re-mix of the Dylan classic, “Forever Young.” That was kind of a letdown, and the reactions to this spot and the pairing of Dylan and have been mixed at best. Some hail it as a brilliant piece of advertising and effective way to bridge generations, while others bemoan the cliched concept and implied comparison of to Dylan.

Regardless of where you fall, the big story here is that the notoriously private and counter-cultural, Dylan, who led the protest against such corporate entities in the 60s, is partnering with a big brand on such a grand scale. I mean Pepsi and the Super Bowl? It doesn’t get bigger than that. Yes, his songs have been used in commercials a hand-full of times in the past, but he’s only gotten in front of the camera himself a couple times before (and even though this spot uses archived footage, it’s quite a leap to loan your face and image to a spot in addition to a song). But as Sting and U2 have shown, even iconic musicians with a loyal following need to tap into the marketing tank from time to time to get the exposure they can’t get anywhere else. And the extra cash isn’t so bad either.

Regardless, shilling for Pepsi makes more sense than old Bob selling women’s panties as he did for Victoria’s Secret a few years ago. And just for kicks, here’s that 2003 spot – the :60 version so you get more close-ups of the…uh…product.

Ah, Bob. You are one creepy old man.


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