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Ford Revs Up Grammy Commercial Breaks
February 9, 2009, 11:16 pm
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If you checked out the Grammy’s, you may have seen some Ford spots that featured some unusually cool music. This was the results of a contest sponsored by Ford’s advertising agency, Y&R Detroit.


Y&R asked aspiring filmmakers to send in music videos that featured the Lincoln MKS and a song from a set list of tunes from indy artists that was selected by Grammy-robnominated producer and music supervisor, Gary Calamar. :30 commercials/trailers were then cut from the winning videos to air during the Grammy’s. There were five spots that aired in total and each featured a different artist. You can CLICK HERE to view the full videos that were the foundation for each spot.

No word on how Calamar selected the artists and songs on the list, but he definitely took care to use only indy acts. Ford explains that the reason for this promotion is because they are targeting a younger audience with the MKS, and realize it’s tough reaching this consumer with traditional marketing means – and they’ve found that utilizing music can be an effective way to talk to this demo. Additionally, they affirm, “Our goal was to create a unique opportunity for undiscovered musical artists and directors and present it in a way that people watching the Grammy’s would enjoy and appreciate.”

The Heavenly States made it into the MKS’s stereo

The five artists who made it onto the Grammy’s are below. In addition to the airtime there songs received which was seen by millions, each also gets a plug on Ford’s website. Not a bad deal.

The Jazzual Suspects
Olivia Broadfield
The Heavenly States

This promotion definitely proves that Ford is thinking outside the box and finding new and effective ways to incorporate music into their marketing efforts. They’re definitely making progress since the days when they used Toby Keith’s legendary “Ford Truck Man” and Lou Bega’s timeless “Mambo #5” in their ads.


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