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Banana Republic Partnering with Multiple Artists for Big Campaign
February 12, 2009, 7:15 pm
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Banana Republic is partnering with nine different artists from a variety of genres, including Liz Phair, OK Go!, and Dashboard Confessional, for an integrated campaign with multiple legs…and arms and heads and tails…

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So, let’s see. First, Banana Republic will use thee nine artists as the faces of a print, billboard, and in-store campaign, where they’ll be wearing the company’s clothes.

Then there’s an exclusive B.R. compilation of songs by these artists that will be available on iTunes.

Next, B.R. will give their consumers an iTunes gift card with a B.R. purchase that is redeemable for the compilation.

You got that? Alright, that’s phase 1.

In phase 2, another compilation of tracks by the same nine artists will be released – this time of original songs written specifically for B.R.’s “City Stories” campaign.

These songs will only be available on B.R.’s websites, where visitors can also access free downloads, videos, and interviews from the artists.

And, B.R. will spin these tunes in all their stores – and have recorded VO’s of the artists introduce their songs.

Plus, the in-store playlists will include songs from other music acts that these artists recommend.

Is that enough for you? Well, they’re not done.

There will also be select in-store performances by some of the artists.

And out of nowhere, we have Virgin Atlantic who will run this “City Stories” music as a branded channel on their flights that will feature artist interviews, videos, and songs.

I think that’s it…for now anyway. But, my head is spinning.

OK Go! going Bananas


Talk about getting the most out of your partnership with music and leveraging every available angle and outlet.  Not to mention pairing up with artists who actually make sense for your brand and laying out a program in a strategic manner that creates demand first, and will ultimately lead to increased audience and sales, and an enhanced image for for your brand.  Plus the mutually beneficial perks for all artists involved.  This is a win-win for everyone – including the consumer.

This, my friends, is a fully integrated brand/music partnership.  This is how it’s done.  Brilliant.  I may not drop $200 on wool slacks or $300 on a cashmere, argyle v-neck sweater at my neighborhood Banana Republic or anything now, but I may at least pick up some socks there.  Banana Republic is cool again…for now.


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