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Adidas the Latest to Brand to Enlist Indie Music Act for Marketing
February 27, 2009, 10:26 pm
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Adidas has signed up Independent English pop act, The Ting Tings, for an ad that will be celebrating their 60th birthday.  This is the latest example of big brands partnering with smaller music artists, and the linked article touches on the reasons for the proliferation and popularity of brands utilizing such acts in their marketing today.  Even though this is from a UK pub, it’s every bit as applicable here in the States.
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The article affirms that the appearance of a band like the Ting Tings (who have also appeared in an ipod ad) is “the tip of an advertising trend” where “younger, hipper artists are increasingly of interest to advertisers.”  It gives a few examples such as Duffy/Coca-Cola, The Strokes and Pharrell/Converse, and Groove Armada/Bacardi.
Although the cost savings in today’s economic climate is a perk of using a lesser known artists versus established A-listers, the key reason advertisers are turning to these acts is their “willingness to interact with a brand beyond the film shoot.”  As the Agency behind the Ting Tings/Adidas partnership states, “Fifteen years ago, bands and brands were very uneasy bedfellows…Brands are much cleverer now. They prefer to strike up a mutually beneficial relationship with artists. A smart celebrity endorsement today would be part of a platform of projects and events that consumers can take part in.”

Bacardi partnering with Groove Armada
In other words, brands (the smart ones anyway) have learned that in order to have the most effective results from their music partnerships, they need to get the most out of them via integrated campaigns.  And this is obviously easier to do with indie acts.

As the article confirms, there will always be a demand for bigger stars in ads and they can definitely fill a role and help certain brands achieve their goals. But the trend today is to form mutually beneficial integrated partnerships with indie acts that extend beyond simply a song in an ad.  Of course, if that song in an ad is anything like Mellencamp’s “This is Our Country” for Chevrolet, then you’re better off just sticking to the song.  Or not advertising at all.


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