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The Jonas Brothers Get Cheesier
February 27, 2009, 10:00 pm
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Kraft is jumping on The Jonas Brothers bandwagon via an integrated campaign that will link their Singles cheese with the band of brothers.

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So, they’re going for the hearts of young girls in an effort to get moms to fill their stomach’s with Kraft.  It makes sense.

And with the sponsorship of the movie premiere – where they’ll be giving out 1,000 sandwiches – plus a website where Jonas Brothers fans can download a free J.B. song, get a free J.B. poster, access J.B. behind the scenes footage (all with a Kraft Singles UPC code, of course), Kraft is really trying to get their most out of the partnership.  They’re even going to run a TV spot that will alert moms about the site and all the giveaways.

It all makes sense for Kraft.  And good for the Jonas Brothers for taking advantage of Kraft’s big budgets.  They better try to get all the cash they can now while their stars are still shining bright…and their fan’s are still awaiting puberty.

The boys have already previously partnered with Burger King, Verizon and other brands.  Milk it (and cheese it) for all you can now, brothers.  Because before you know it, one of you will be relegated to a “supergroup” with other leftovers from bands like Cheap Trick and Fountains of Wayne just as a member of a certain MMMBoppin’ brothers band recently did…

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