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Honda Taps Unsigned Rapper for New Campaign
March 9, 2009, 3:24 pm
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Honda has signed up unsigned rapper, Mickey Factz, as the spokesman of a new campaign for their Accord that is rooted in the idea of being “sensible” with your money.

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Honda’s “Rhymes and Reasons” campaign includes a :30 TV spot and a full-up branded microsite…for now. There’s no doubt that if this takes off, we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Factz and his partner, DJ Gomez, in new executions across multiple channels.

This is a pretty groundbreaking undertaking from Honda in the manner they’re leveraging a completely unknown talent. Factz was working as a paralegal when Honda found him for Christ’s sake! But based on their strategy and target audience, it could work. Especially if the economy remains in a similar state, which lends itself to this type of partnership.

Like most brands today, Honda is hurting, so they’re grasping for anything right now. But they may have found something here. And if this does indeed prove to be a success, it could start a whole new trend of brands picking up a charismatic artist off the streets and putting them to work. And I would definitely be all for that. It would sure beat another brand partnership. I love Mr., but come on…how many brands can marry the same artist? Even Slick Rick would be a more inspired choice than Will right now. That may not be the safest choice, but it would at least be different.


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