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Geico Dusts off 80s Classic for New Campaign
March 27, 2009, 7:10 pm
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By now, you’ve seen Geico’s latest campaign that features the wad of cash with eyeballs and the 80s hit, “Somebody’s Watchin Me.”  Geico’s CEO recently sat down with Brandweek to discuss the background of this campaign, including the selection of this song.  


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This is just the latest of the bizarre yet original Geico advertising mascots, following the talking gecko and sensitive cavemen.  And this one is getting equal buzz in large part because of the resurrection of this lost 80s track from one-hit wonder, Rockwell.  As Geico’s CEO affirms, “the song is usually the toughest part” of a TV spot’s creation, but “This one came right out of the shoot.  It was spot on.”
I don’t know about it being “spot on,” but it definitely makes these spots (6 in total) memorable and break-through….as if the cash with the eyeballs weren’t enough.
Geico is also offering a free download of the re-mixed “Somebody’s Watching Me” that they use in the TV spots on their website.  This mix was done by Mysto & Pizzi, who according to the site, are “up and coming producers” from Queens that “are quickly establishing a name for themselves in the world of Pop and R&B,” and have worked with R. Kelly, Kelly Rowand, Justin Timberlake, and Ciarra.  You can download the song and read more about it at – 
I don’t know why they had the song re-mixed in the first place, as the 1984 version would’ve worked just fine.  But I guess it made them feel like they were putting a more modern spin on the 25 year old song.  You can hear the original version in the below video, which is vintage 80’s videos at its finest.    
Naturally this song would be used to sell car insurance twenty-five years later.  And if that doesn’t make you paranoid about taking a shower in a pink tub, then nothing will.  

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