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Big Butts and B.K.
April 9, 2009, 10:18 pm
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There have been many bizarre choices of well-known songs used in TV spots over the years, but this one has to be near the top.



That’s right.  Burger King went with Six Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 ode to large asses to sell their happy meals.  The same song that caused controversy when it was initially released and was briefly banned by MTV before being restricted to late-night because of the song’s sexual content is now being used to hawk cheap fast food to kids.

Needless to say, this has stirred up a lot of controversy in just the first few days the spot’s been out.  Already, one consumer group is demanding B.K. stop running the commercial immediately because it says the ad is “highly sexualized” and “won’t instill values in children about respecting women.”  And there are plenty more demanding boycotts of the chain and criticizing their judgement for using this song in a spot for kids.  Burger King has countered that the spot is actually targeting adults who take their kids to the restaurant.




Regardless of who’s side you’re on, you have to admit it is a bizarre choice of song to pair up with Sponge Bob and happy meals.  But this is the same company that created their creepy mascot, The King, and had Hootie’s Darius Rucker in full kitschy cowboy getup singing a song about their latest burger in an Oz-like burger-land a couple years ago, so it fits with their image.  And obviously, controversy and free pub can be good for business, and that was likely B.K.’s rationale all along behind their song choice.

Personally, I find the commercial more offensive for being unfunny than for the song.  I mean square butts is the best they can come up with for tying Sponge Bob and their happy meal together?  Ok, then.  It is good to see Mr. Mix-a-Lot still cashing in on one his one hit though, even 17 years later.  And he even gets to make an appearance here.  And as he proclaims, “Booty is booty.”  Amen.  Even an eight year old Sponge Bob fan can’t argue with that.


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