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Miller Chill Gets Their Music Right…If Not Their Beer
May 12, 2009, 10:05 pm
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A recent posting on an Advertising Age blog sings the praises of a new Miller Chill TV spot – specifically the strategic selection and execution of music in it.

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As this article affirms, often and justifiably, “marketers take a lot of heat for merely slapping cool tracks onto spots as an afterthought.”  And it points to this spot (embedded below) as an example of a brand doing the opposite via a song that has the “perfect mix” of sounds and mood that sync with the visuals, story, and pacing of the spot.

I’m with the article’s love for the use of music here.  I think the track is the strength of the ad which allows this otherwise unspectacular product-focused spot to break through and catch the audience’s attention.  I applaud Miller for taking the time and making the effort to find a song that not only fits the spot, but enhances it and becomes the lynchpin of the execution.

What makes this even more noteworthy is that the song is by the relatively unknown band, The Dodos.  This is undoubtedly the biggest exposure this San Fran indie rock duo has ever received, and is already opening many doors for them and garnering them a larger audience.  Miller should get even more props for digging up this unknown act versus taking the easy route with a Jet or Rolling Stones song.

Even though I don’t agree with the concept of this Corona-wanna-be, as I prefer to drop fruit in my suds at my own discretion – and I’ve tried Miller Chill and found it to be the most repulsive beer I’ve ever tasted; even more so than Bud Light Lime – I can at least get behind their taste in music and approach to implementing it into their marketing efforts.  Not that that will make me buy their product.  Nothing short of adding the fountain of youth to the mix will get me to do that.


Leg Room 5.20.09
May 11, 2009, 2:17 pm
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Nineteen-Year Old Song Bigger Than Ever Thanks to Commercial
May 6, 2009, 10:39 pm
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Here’s another illustration of how advertising is today’s radio, music video, and P.R. push all in one. 

By now, you’ve probably seen the new Heineken commercial featuring a cab full of singing inebriates, and which is aimed to discourage drunk driving.  If not, check it below.


So, yeah, it’s the most polite, lucid, least obnoxious and least vomity bunch of drunks you’ll ever come across.  Along with an equally gregarious and accommodating cab driver who is seemingly completely delighted to be lugging around singing drunks after a late night.  This isn’t exactly how my cab rides with friends go at the end of a night.  

But it’s the song they’re all happily singing together that makes this spot stand out.  Biz Markie’s 1990 track, “Just a Friend.”  The nearly forgotten song that barely cracked the weekly top ten or annual top one hundred when it was released nineteen years ago.  But now, according to the article below, is apparently generating a lot interest from music fans as it’s currently one of iTunes best sellers where it’s topping the latest singles by such artists as Lily Allen, Kanye West, and Kings of Leon.  And solely because of this commercial. 

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Obviously, it’s well known and understood that the exposure from a commercial can and will generate interest in a band or song.  But this is extreme.  A nineteen year old, novelty song that was never a huge hit (it finished at #94 in 1990) becoming an instant best seller in 2009 simply because of an anti-drunk driving commercial?  Incredible.  Good for Biz though.  I’m sure he could use the dough.  Maybe next we can get some love for Technotronic, Keith Sweat, Dino, Glen Medeiros or any other of 1990’s one year music stars.  Just no Wilson Phillps.  Please.

Common Partners with Diesel for New Men’s Fragrance
May 4, 2009, 11:10 pm
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Chicago-bred hip hop artist, Common, is partnering with Diesel to release a new men’s fragrance called, “Only The Brave.”

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According to the release, Only The Brave is a “scent that represents the man who takes a stand” and is “a fragrance about seizing opportunities and making a difference.”  That is one ambitious smell they’ve concocted.

Never one to shy from a corporate partnership (previous endorsements include The Gap, Microsoft, and Lincoln Navigator), Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. – a.k.a. Common – will be featured in a full-up campaign for the fragrance that includes TV (spot below) and print (ad above).  It can be assumed his song, “The 6th Sense” will also be utilized in the future, as Diesel makes a point of stating how it “fully embodies the spirit of Only The Brave.”  Additionally, Common will be performing in select Diesel stores worldwide.

As for the genesis of this partnership, Common states, “I’ve always thought Diesel was a progressive, fresh brand – it has a classic feel but pushes the envelope.  I wanted to partner with Diesel because that’s really what I’m about too.”  And Diesel’s President confirms, “Common perfectly represents the spirit and energy of Only The Brave fragrance: passion, will, and conviction.”

I’m still not buying the magical powers of this new scent, and from Justin Timberlake to Scarlet Johansson to Michael Jordan, it seems like every celebrity is releasing their own patented fragrances today.  But at least the fit between artist and brand makes sense in this case – dare I say Common scents? – and Diesel is leveraging Common in multiple marketing platform to get the most from their partnership.  So, I can buy it.  And hey, I like to seize opportunities and make a difference so maybe I should buy myself some of this magical spray too.