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About Music Dealers

Welcome to Music Dealers; formally known as the music licensing department of Bandit Productions. We are currently searching for new artists/ bands/ producers to get involved in the world of music licensing. First, let me tell you a little bit about our company.

Founded in 1999, Bandit Productions has been linking artists and producers with corporate entities such as advertising agencies and other music purchasers. We have working relationships with the following:

-Networks: Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Showtime and more.

-Advertising Agencies: Leo Burnett, Burrell Communications, Carol H. Williams, Mirrorball, R.J. Dale and more.

-Brands: McDonald’s, Phillip Morris, Nike, Illinois Lottery, Tide, Kellogg’s and more.

Our aim is to link your independent music directly to clients. In the last year alone Bandit has literally put hundreds of thousands of dollars in independent Chicago artists’ pockets. Now our accounts are growing and we need our music catalog to grow as well. With this new site artists have the ability to upload music to our database and create a simple profile for themselves. This gives us the ability to search for our clients’ musical needs quickly and efficiently. We live in the digital age. The old and outdated practices of selling music are changing.

We are asking you, and any other quality artists you know, to send us music. OUR CONTRACT IS TOTALLY NON-EXCLUSIVE SO YOU KEEP ALL RIGHTS TO YOUR MASTERS AND PUBLISHING! This means you can pursue ALL other opportunities with your music that are available to you. Any tracks you send us will go into our database and will be available for our company to submit, on behalf of you, to potential purchasers. The payment will be split evenly between you and Bandit Productions (which is the industry standard). This is the best thing about licensing; even if you license a song to a client, it is still your music and you can license it again to someone else, release it on your own, or do anything else you want with it…ITS STILL 100% YOURS. This is just a great way to make some extra money and get exposure with no strings attached. Anyway you look at it…it’s a WIN-WIN.

To get started please visit our website and signup today. It is totally free and easy to use!


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